In the past, the IT departments controlled the types and number of devices that employees can use at workplace. Today, users acquire and use their own devices and applications. On average, each user has at least 3 devices – smart phones, tablets and laptops; these devices are used within and outside of offices.

Mobility era has arrived.

If you have the following challenges:

  • Providing BYOD smartphone and tablet program for employees, contractors, or partners
  • Controlling and locking down email access
  • Preventing data leakage, locking down devices, wiping devices if lost or stolen, or terminating employment
  • Securely wrapping custom applications, protecting highly sensitive information and external data exchange
  • Resolving public cloud storage problem

Then, contact us today. DLS can help your organization to respond fast to mobile device and application trend, set roadmap, and revamp up your investments in mobility technology to maximize employee productivity and mitigate security breaches.

We partner with the leading technology companies, and offer comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suite that consist of policy and configuration management tools, and a management overlay for applications and data management intended for mobile device access.

Please contact us for any inquiries or questions about our mobility solutions.

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