Most organizations allow employees to access data, files, applications, and systems stored remotely in a private or hybrid cloud. This need for mobility and agility has resulted in new challenges in the areas of security, connectivity, and accessibility that must be addressed by IM/IT sector.

To meet the goals for Management of Information Technology Security (MITS) compliance, home, end-point security, and cost-effectiveness, organizations are looking for solutions that are simple, secure, user friendly, and that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing IT infrastructure.

DLS offers a variety of compelling and innovative IT products from the leading technology companies, along with DLS’ R&D products – vKey®. DLS product lines provide an excellent ROI for clients’ investments. When designed and deployed in conjunction with DLS’ subject matter expert, clients can realize high performance, scalable, reliable enterprise solutions and services that meet critical business needs.

vKey® Technologies

The secure office desktop you can fit in your pocket.

vKey® is a software-based solution stored on a portable device that can be booted from any computer to create a secure and independent Linux and/or Microsoft operating system (OS) environment. vKey®‘s bootable OS runs independently from the hard disk of the host computer in a zero-footprint environment. Almost any modern Intel-based computer (PC or Mac) can be used as the host computer. With vKey®, users can use any host computer to access their organization’s network and workplace applications without changing how they work or compromising corporate network security. vKey® is ideal for BYOD users, mobile workers, enterprise cybersecurity protection, and for business continuity.

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