BYOD challenges
Portable computing capabilities have grown dramatically in recent years. Employees, product evolution, and businesses are pushing BYOD for two key reasons:

  • Increase of demand from employees/contractors to be able to work from anywhere and at any time while maintaining their normal user experience
  • Emables businesses to transfer computing asset costs to employees and contractors while simultaneously increasing employee productivity and the bottom line.

BYOD opportunities
The close alignment of BYOD (the computer) with cloud-based computing (the place to store data and applications) ensures that this trend will continue to grow. BYOD devices are recognized as network access end-points. IT/IM will continue to see them as a growing security threat and vulnerability, which means IT needs solutions to support these growing BYOD users without increasing complexity or compromising security.

DLS has solutions to help organizations to exploit transitional gaps in the level of network security and safety that show vulnerability in this move to BYOD. Our solutions combine two parts: trusted end-point devices and reliable, high availability infrastructures to allow secure remote access to corporate applications, Windows desktops, and data in centralized data centres.

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